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Kara Turner

Administrative Assistant

Team WEIL since 2020.

Kara joined Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. in January 2020 after 16 years in the customer service industry. She utilizes her talents for communication and task management to facilitate communication between our clients, the Advisory Team, and the Investment Management Team, always with an emphasis on being personable and useful. She has a natural interest in people and their lives which makes her adept, not only at working with clients to connect them with the teams at WEIL, but also at connecting coworkers and just generally boosting morale.

Kara received her Associates Degree from Miramar College and is currently working towards a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. When not at WEIL, she and her wife enjoy finding new food experiences, camping, and hiking the many trails of San Diego.

(858) 724-6059

Kara Turner
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