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Victoria Chau

Senior Accountant
Team WEIL since 2013.

Originally from the Bay Area, Victoria joined WEIL in April 2012 working as a part-time intern while concurrently pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego. She graduated in June 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and minors in both Accounting and Business.

After graduating, Victoria was invited to join WEIL full-time as a Trader, mainly executing equity and mutual fund trades for the firm and its clients and performing a variety of tasks with the analyst and sales teams. With WEIL growing and expanding, Victoria moved from the trading team to the accounting team in 2013, excited to begin work in the field she had studied for in college. Victoria is now the accountant for WEIL, including its real estate divisions: CWC Income Properties, CWC Asset Advisors Property Management, and many more.

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys dining at off-the-grid restaurants, shopping and styling, traveling to new destinations, and sightseeing.

(858) 724-6057

Victoria Chau
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