Roy Isaiah

Investment Associate

The origins of my professional arc can be found in the talents and desires of my early life; particularly my love of sports, my aptitude for math, my ability to connect with people, and a desire to make sure my family and friends (several of whom are professional athletes) have access to competent and practical financial advice and wealth-building opportunities.


After graduating San Diego State University with a degree in Economics in 2014, I made my first foray into financial services. With many opportunities that turned out to be excellent learning experiences, I ultimately did not find the right fit. In a pivot toward work that allowed me to flex my math, interpersonal, and basketball skills, I taught high school mathematics and coached youth basketball. Doing this work further cultivated my passion and talent for educating, connecting, learning, and working with others.


During that time the desire to work in financial services remained at the forefront of my mind, and a happy association with Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. advisor Rob Gaan, led me to a position at WEIL on its Investment Team as an Investment Associate in April 2021. Together with the other members of the Investment Team, I work to build, monitor, and adjust investment products for the benefit of WEIL’s clients.


In my spare time I enjoy the company of friends and family, indulging my competitive spirit by following professional sports, playing recreationally, and sharing my love of basketball by coaching youth teams.

(858) 724-6064

Roy Isaiah