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Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. (“WEIL”) provides premier Financial Advisory Services. Our experience shows us that for most people, a comprehensive financial advisory relationship promotes successful financial outcomes. Wealth on its own is nice to have, but it may not enable you to effectively accomplish your goals. What do you want your financial legacy to be? When can you retire and what will your quality of life be? Do your investments complement each other? Are your children prepared to inherit your wealth? The questions can be endless and, without competent guidance, can be very difficult to answer.

While many folks out there are incredibly smart, capable, and successful, it is often said that in order to effectively achieve your financial objectives you must have “The Three T’s”: time, temperament, and talent.

  • Most people live extremely busy lives, where juggling priorities is a continuous practice. They simply do not have the time to provide for themselves everything a financial advisor can provide.

  • Some people have neither the temperament nor the desire to manage the complex components of their financial lives.

  • To be an effective financial advisor one must possess certain talents which include being decisive, organized, patient, skilled in time management, mathematics, and data analysis, and the ability to distill complex ideas from a variety of disciplines.


In addition to the “Three T’s,” WEIL advisors bring another important “T” to the table: Trust.


We build this trust by adhering to a strong philosophical belief that any successful advisory relationship is built on:

  • Recognizing conflicts of interest and mitigating them when we can.

  • Truly understanding the client’s circumstances and goals.

  • Utilizing a team-based approach.


A summary of our Advisory Services:

Financial Planning


College Funding


Estate and Tax Strategies

Investment Oversight

For assets managed by

third party managers

Next Generation Education

Preparing your heirs for

responsible financial independence

Investment Advice

Advice for your investment ideas

Real Estate Advice



Asset Management

Life, Disability, and LTC

Insurance Review




Social Impact

Tax Efficient Strategies

Custom Reports


Summary of Resources

Estimated Cash Flow


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