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Estate Transition Services

Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. (“WEIL”) is unique in our ability to shepherd our clients, and then their heirs, through the Estate Transition process. When it comes to transitioning your estate to your beneficiaries, we are as concerned with a smooth and thorough transition as you are.

When WEIL is your Advisor, we offer you the opportunity to onboard with us your entire financial life. This may include balance sheets, cash flow estimates, estate planning documents, insurance contracts, and much more. With this information on board (and periodic reviews to keep it current) we position ourselves to provide advice and assistance to your successor trustee, executor, other key vendors, family, and/or heirs.

When WEIL is your Investment Manager, the retitling and/or transferring services for investments held on our platform are built into the relationship. When the time comes, we are here to ensure that the assets held at WEIL are distributed in accordance with the provisions of your trust and/or will.

With WEIL’s Estate Transition Services, you can retain WEIL to assist your successor trustee or executor in transitioning all of the assets of the estate, regardless of what they are or where they are held. This could mean private investments, accounts held through employers, investments held on mutual fund platforms, residential real estate, commercial real estate, rental properties, business ownership, and personal property. 

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