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Investment Management

Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. (“WEIL”) provides comprehensive Investment & Wealth Management Services. We know that an investment approach which combines an understanding of history, theory, contemporary markets and economic trends, with decades of hands-on analytical and trading experience, is critical to promoting the best outcome for our clients (and ourselves). Communicating that approach clearly enriches the client relationship and allows us to partner with them in achieving their financial goals. Furthermore, to ensure that client portfolios have our attention and incorporates our best ideas, we at WEIL have made the very atypical pledge to invest in what we offer our clients (nearly exclusively). This applies to everyone that works at WEIL, across our entire platform. Our personal fortunes are aligned with yours. This does not guarantee success, but it does guarantee that our clients have our undivided attention.


Through the years, the investment industry has continued to evolve, developing new instruments that make managing wealth easier and more accessible for individual investors, as well as for investment managers like us. As portfolio managers on the hunt for investments with good potential, we utilize the standards (individual stocks and mutual funds) as well as the newer vehicles that make investing more streamlined (ETFs and institutional private investments), always seeking out fund managers whose strategies and values align with our approach.  


WEIL’s investment approach is governed by the following tenets:  


  • Valuations and market cycles matter.

  • Diversification is a means to drive long-term returns.

  • Protecting the downside generally results in better outcomes.

  • Calculating potential expected results helps quantify risks.

A summary of our Investment Management Services:

Investment Portfolio Management

Globally Diversified Growth & Income Strategies

Private Investments

Institutional-quality investments for qualified investors 

Opportunistic Portfolio Strategies

Hedging, non-correlated and sector-based

Individual Stock or Bond Portfolios

For high-value investment accounts

Advisory  |  Investment Management  |  Estate Transition Services 

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