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WEIL History


Chris Weil enters the securities business.


Chris forms the original WEIL as a FINRA securities firm.

Chris sells WEIL to a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. Chris stays as Chairman until 1988.


WEIL was founded as a broker-dealer to buy and sell stocks and bonds in clients’ accounts AKA old school “stock jockeys.”

Chris simultaneously runs other companies, forming limited partnerships and LLCs for the purpose of owning and operating non-marketable (alternative) real estate assets for the benefit of investors.


Chris forms The Weil Company, shortly thereafter adopting the DBA: Christopher Weil & Company, Inc., to return to his advisory and investment management roots.

Recognizing the conflict of interest present in commission-based client relationships, WEIL becomes a Registered Investment Advisor and starts managing investment portfolios for a fee based on the value of client accounts.


We are now a team of 24, helping clients attain financial peace of mind, reach their financial goals, and secure their financial legacies.

WEIL is now a Financial Advisory and Investment Management firm with some 500 clients (mostly families) and about $1B in assets under management (AUM). From customized liquid portfolios comprised mostly of publicly-traded mutual funds (including our own), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and alternative investments (for qualified investors), we advise clients on all aspects of their financial lives. We are particularly proud to specialize in helping clients prepare their estates for transition, and assisting heirs in that transition at the appropriate time.

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