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Caitlin Weil

Caitlin joined Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. in 2009 to provide asset and property management services for CWC Regional Housing Fund (RHF). When RHF wound down, Caitlin moved to manage Social Media and Collateral. She manages both new and old media for all of WEIL's twenty-five entities.

Caitlin previously worked for software developer Dantz Development as a Project Manager and as a New Media account manager for Hajjar and Partners, a division of Dentsu Advertising.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and English from UC Berkeley. She is married and has two children. Along with her parents and siblings, she is a Director of the Patricia and Christopher Weil Family Foundation.

(858) 724-6076


Caitlin Weil

Virtual Collateral

Team WEIL for 13 years.

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