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Digital Advisor

Using the Folio Institutional platform, Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. now offers Digital Advisor solutions. 

The first investment strategy offered under this program is WEIL's 5G individual stock strategy. Our 5G strategy invests in companies we believe are best poised to grow in the area of efficiency-centric technologies related to seamless connectivity such as Connected Cities, the Internet of Things, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, and Entertainment. 

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Digital Advisor solutions enable WEIL to offer individual stocks, mutual funds, and ETF strategies through fractional share investing.


5G Strategy

Christopher Weil & Company’s 5G Strategy makes investments in companies whose earnings are derived from the Communications Technology industry’s architecture and infrastructure, most notably the rollout of 5G technology. The Strategy also seeks investments in companies in the business of strengthening WIFI technology such as networking equipment, edge computing, RF chips, testing companies, filters, semiconductors and antennas.

Further, we look for companies whose lines of business will likely expand as the world moves towards more connectivity and lower latency. (Latency measures the quality of internet connection. The lower the latency, the better the quality of the connection.) Examples of these companies include those in the business of developing the following:


  • The Internet of Things (or IoT which refers to the connectivity between physical devices that self-report realtime without human intervention in order to improve efficiency)

  • Connected Cities (also called Smart Cities, these are urban areas using IoT to collect data for the purpose of managing the community’s assets, resources and services to create the best possible efficiencies)

  • Factory Automation

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Media & Entertainment

In addition to the companies we have already targeted, we will use our market knowledge to continually identify prospective positions, rebalancing the portfolios based on which positions perform well and which positions best meet risk-reward criteria at the time. Elements of our investment plan have yet to be designed as many of the technologies are still in their early stages and have yet to reveal the areas into which they will ultimately develop.

Please read and review our important disclosure information carefully.

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